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Designer Swimwear versus “Bargain” Swimwear

Designer Swimwear versus “Bargain” Swimwear

                Listen! You can find many websites online that offer cheap swimsuits that, in a photo, look very much like the more expensive swimwear you’ll find on SoHot, but don’t be fooled. When it comes to quality swimwear, you always get what you pay for. Quality swimwear is a combination of design, materials, and artistic craftsmanship that you will recognize from the first moment you slide into a designer bikini.

                Quality swimwear is an investment in yourself and your wardrobe. Designer swimwear will last years and hold up under frequent use. Luxury designer bikinis are quality crafted pieces of swimwear that were created with the finest lycra available globally. Designers source their lycra or swimwear material meticulously ensuring that it has certain features such as four way stretch or properly resists degradation from chlorinated water. Haven't you ever wondered how a bikini holds it's shape or how the color doesn't fade in the sun? It's all in the material. Quality lycra should have a smooth buttery feel, not the Chinese made plastic texture common to cheap bikinis.

How embarrassing would it be to be at a beachside resort wearing your cheap bikini, as you wade into the pool, and the water surrounding you start to turn the color of your bikini because of the cheap dye leeching out of your cheap swimsuit. Or your bikini being baggy where it should be snug. Since you're buying a quality swimsuit and it's made with quality materials, you're going to get a way better fit than you would with a cheap bikini. Designer swimwear hugs your body in all the right places by properly stretching over your curves and shaping to your body's movements. This is that four-way stretch feature that we discussed earlier and it's a game changer. Say goodbye to the bikini sag that you experience wearing cheap lycra. A quality designed bikini will hold its shape and hug your body wear after wear. 

Designer swimwear is called 'designer' for a reason. It's crafted just like an art form from actual designers with a vision. Think about Ferrari or Porsche- it's the same concept in the swimwear industry and by buying luxury designer bikinis you're supporting the designers behind the brands. When you decide to buy cheap you're actually buying knockoff products that were stolen and mass produced in large factories in China. Think a little bit about where your loyalty lies when you make your next bikini purchase. As avid swimwear lovers, we hope that bikini consumers will make the right choice to support authentic brands.

SoHot Swimwear should be your go to source for quality designer swimwear. We work with only the best swimsuit designers using the highest quality materials. You can spend your money guilt-free knowing you are making an investment in your appearance. Our return policy is hassle free, if for any reason you are not satisfied.

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