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Finally, The Thong Bikini Is Becoming A Mainstream Trend

Finally, The Thong Bikini Is Becoming A Mainstream Trend

Whether you are an A-list celebrities, a Fashion Blogger, a Fashion Designer, or even a Victoria’s Secret Angel, I am almost certain that every Insta-famous fashionista of all walks of life wore a thong bikini this summer. Let’s have a closer look.

We have a few reasons that give the cause of the 2019 version of the thong bikini. With the ‘80 influence that is the current trend gives us the catalyst.  The high leg, high cut bikini trend, which was vastly popular three decades ago, lends heavily to the thong back. With such high leg cuts naturally leads to a skimpy rear coverage. Other 80’s retro looks, such as sock and sneaker and chain belts with you bikini have made a come back. We are flashing back to the days of Sofia Vegara wearing a thong bikini on Miami Beach many years ago. 

Thong rear coverage is not only just for bikinis. Now there are even thong one pieces. Oh yes, and to think that you thought one pieces were only for full coverage. The thong trend has crossed over to the other cheek..LOL. There are many ways to sport a thong. You can go with the classic thong to a Brazilian tanga to very cheeky bottoms the are so aggressively cut that they wedge themselves into a thong. Generally, most have drawn the line just before straight G-strings. Below are some insta celebrities and some great thong bikinis that we offer.

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