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Swimwear Trends You Don't Want To Miss For Summer 2020!

Swimwear Trends You Don't Want To Miss For Summer 2020!

Keep up! Or you’ll be left behind.

     Seriously, this summer was hot – and no, we aren’t talking about the temperature. With a quick look at all the new stunning beachwear styles, you’ll start to understand why it took so long for this season to make its appearance – and it’s because, clearly, the stunning swimwear needed to make a fashionably late arrival! But let’s not waste any more time. Here are some of the top beachwear styles to try this season.


Tie me up bikini tops

      One swimwear style that is entirely new to the trends this summer season is the tie-up bikini tops. These swimsuit tops put all the sass you need to have some fun in the sun and they’re just so darn cute!


Lace me up one piece swimsuits

     The strappy lace-up one-piece swimsuits are definitely a swimwear trend you want to know about. These styles have all the modesty and sexiness you’re looking for, creating the perfect bathing suit for family-friendly outings and for late-night beach escapades.

   Lace-up one-pieces truly put an end to all those stereotypes about one-pieces being “like so totally basic.” One-pieces are basically fabulous.  


The rage over ruffles

    Move over, fringe swimwear. This summer season, it’s all about the ruffles – and no, we aren’t talking about the type of ruffles you’d find on the dress you wore to your preschool graduation. Instead, the ruffles on the 2020 swimsuits are sexy and chic, and totally perfect for the beach babes out there.

     And just look at it – can you get any more chic than this? The ruffle swimwear trend instantly adds some personality into your sandy shore style!


The sports bra back


    Athletic inspired swimsuits are trendy as it is; athletic swimsuits with a sports bra back are even trendier. These chic swimsuits are just as strategic as they are chic, offering you all the style and support you’re looking for. They’re so supportive even women with large breasts can be comfortable – and stylish. Yes, all at the same time.


The wild flower print

      As for the prints, it’s all about the florals this season. This season takes traditional floral print and puts a modern twist on them. Think pretty pink peonies, white peonies, rose peonies, oh my! We would say that the trend is peonies, but vintage flora bikini bottoms are also trending! So, if it’s floral and super chic, then it’s definitely a must have for this season, only chicer – and in whatever color you desire. It’s a cute, feminine and flirty print that resonates a simple kind of innocence. You simply can’t go wrong with the floral print. It’s a classic.


The ribbed look

     Ribbed swimsuits are the right choice. This unique change to typical swimwear styles offers something new that the swimwear industry simply hasn’t seen before.
     The extra fabric adds a boost of support, making it perfect for all women. Yes, even women with large breasts can find comfort in this bikini top, and it puts an end to the theory that less is more. These ribbed bathing suits leave little to the imagination without making you feel like you’re suffocating in fabric. It’s revolutionary! The comfort that follows is the best part.

     We could be here all day talking about the amazing new styles available on SoHot Swimwear, but that would take time away from shopping. So, shop away!

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