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Trend Alert: See the new version of the string bikini that is a must have!

When it comes to bikinis, we are sharing everything from celebrity trends that are the rage to the styles and brands that I recommend to all my friends. I will showcase this new trend in string bikinis that are being photographed all over the “Gram”. While we curated the hottest new looks of the season in the newest styles and silhouettes, we noticed a lot of swimwear designers pushing string bikini bottoms. Now, it’s not the tie side string bottoms that have been the classic for the last two decades with the low rise fit. The new term of string bikini will refer to designs without the double string tie on the bottom. Many brands have jumped on this trend like Beach Bunny Swimwear, Sauavage Swimwear, Liliana Montoya Swim, and many more.

Some of the top celebrity models such as  Bella Hadid and Josephine Skriver AKA. Victoria’s Secret top model are already sporting this fresh version of super-thin swimsuit bottoms as well. To highlight this new version of the string bikini, we suggest taking note from these fashion forward celebrity models and Instagram influencers and wear the string bottoms hiked up super high. This look will make you legs look endless and also give you a fashion model-like look. Whether you’re just curious about the this style or ready to highlight this  trend to your own collection, we are featuring some of the hottest new string bikini bottoms below:

Sauvage Swimwear Limon Underwire Top & Rio Bottom

Sauvage Swimwear Venetian Luxury Designer Bikini Set

Venetian Triangle Top & Cheeky String Bottom Set

Corpo Bonito Red Bikini Swimwear Beachwear Swimsuit Bathingsuit

Corpo Bonito Camile Hollow Top & Cheeky Bottom Bikini


Liliana Montoya Goldy Light Bikini Marinera Top Double Straps & Bottom Bikini Swimwear Set