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Multi-Function Terracotta Pareo Mesh Sarong Dress Skirt Cover-Up Thaikila by Blue Glue

  • $ 32.95

Introducing our enchanting Terracotta Sheer Mesh Wrap, perfect for the beach, yacht, pool party, and resort vacation. Crafted with the modern, discerning woman in mind, this piece is the quintessence of luxury and flexibility, designed to enrich your summer experience with style and comfort.

Imagine being able to transform your attire with a single garment. This multi-functional Corolle pareo serves not only as a chic sarong but also morphs effortlessly into an elegant dress, perfect for those spontaneous moments when you transition from beachfront to a casual chic dinner at the resort. This sheer mesh wrap comes with adjustable straps, offering a customizable fit that caters to women of sizes S/M (0-6), ensuring a flattering silhouette for all body types.

The composition of 100% polyamide makes it exceedingly lightweight and breathable, allowing you to bask in the summer breeze without compromise. Its sheer, translucent mesh fabrication is not just about allure; it’s also about crafting an experience where luxury meets practicality. The pareo style, unfortunately, does not include rings, but this opens the door for personalization, allowing you to accessorize with your unique touch.

Dive into the versatility of this women’s bathing suit cover-up; it promises more than just physical coverage but a transformation in your beach-going experiences. Whether it's lounging by the pool, enjoying a sun-drenched yacht day, or mingling at a luxurious summer party, this pareo is your go-to garment that encapsulates style, convenience, and elegance. Flaunt your style and confidence as you envelop yourself in this exquisite piece – your next summer staple is here.

So why wait? Indulge in the blend of sophistication and utility this summer. Embrace the soft embrace of our Terracotta Sheer Mesh Wrap, and redefine what it means to dress for the occasion. Don't miss out on this indispensable addition to your wardrobe. Elevate your summer attire now!

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do! We love to send our products to you. Does not matter where you are! For more information on special shipping, including methods and pricing go to the checkout page.

Do your items come in different sizes? Currently, we have a variety sizes including Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Curvy sizes including 1X, 2X, 3X, and 4X in our swimwear and clothing collections. However, some of our items are "one size fits most" and only come in one size. All sizes available will be displayed on the product page with appropriate sizing charts.

How do all the sizes vary from XS to 4X?
Take a look at the item's page for size measurements. These measurements are general guidelines for fitting. Fit will vary depending on personal preference such as how tight/loose, exposure/coverage, etc. When you are in doubt between two different sizes, we recommend you to size up. Email us for more info on sizing for your size and body type, if needed at

What is scrunch bottom?
Think of Scrunch Bottom as a bra for your butt. It is an innovative design that helps lift and contour the bikini to your skin.
With other bikini bottoms, the weight of the water will pull the bottoms down resulting in a saggy look. The scrunch butt fixes this problem by contouring an giving you a nice curve to look good in and out of the water.

Should I mix and match different patterns within your website?
Yes! Mostly of our products are designed to complement each other. For more information about these products you can visit our Mix and Match category. So, yes, please do mix and match, get creative, and have fun with our suites and patterns.

Mailing catalogs?
We offer our apologies, but we do not currently offer any mailing catalogs. All of our products can be viewed online. For more product information and to receive special offers and updates, you can sign up for our newsletter. To sign up for our weekly newsletter.

What is swimwear lining and can I wear my bikini in the water without damaging it?
Most of our bikinis come with a swimwear lining which adds an extra layer of protection and thickness inside the bikini.
The tops will come fully lined in most cases unless noted otherwise. Some bottoms are half lined by design. The rear of the bottoms are generally not lined to accommodate a more flattering scrunch butt design.

What is swimwear padding?
The swimwear padding is set of custom pads designed to fit the tops of your bikini. These pads are can removable and interchangeable. They provide extra support and thickness to the bikini tops.

How to Take Care of your Swimsuit
1. If the swimwear is under the blazing sun for quite a long time, or soak in the water which contains chlorine, the color and flexibility of the swimwear will be damaged, so before entering the sea, please clean the swimwear with clean water, and then absorb the water with a big towel.
2. Do not clean the swimwear with washing powder and bleaching powder, and also do not iron/press the swimwear.
3. Avoid putting the wet swimwear in a non ventilated place for a long time (plastic bag or the back trunk of the car)
4. The material and color of the swimwear will be damaged if stained by the suntan oil or cosmetics. After use the swimwear should be perfectly cleaned.
5. Avoid sliding or scrubbing on the rough surfaces of the beach or pool, this way prevents damage of the swimsuit fiber.
6. If the bathing suit is made with metallic or stone materials, make sure it dries in a short period of time to avoid rusting on the fabrics.

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  • Free USA Shipping With Order Of $85+
  • Enjoy Now, Pay Later Choose Shop Pay At checkout to make 4 monthly installments without interest
  • Worldwide Shipping Experts Fast and affordable delivery
  • Discrete Packaging Order shipped in plain, non descript packaging