• The Under-Boob Bikini Is The Next Hot Celebrity Trend

    Animal Under boob bikini thong set

    Summer is just around the corner and we are watching what all the celebrities are wearing already. Recently, we saw Bella Hadid wearing the same bikini as J. Lo, both getting over nine million social media likes. Read more in our blog.

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  • Trend Alert: See the new version of the string bikini that is a must have!

    When it comes to bikinis, we are sharing everything from celebrity trends that are the rage to the styles and brands that I recommend to all my friends. I will showcase this new trend in string bikinis that are being photographed all over the “Gram”. See blog for full article.

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  • Finally, The Thong Bikini Is Becoming A Mainstream Trend

    Whether you are an A-list celebrities, a Fashion Blogger, a Fashion Designer, or even a Victoria’s Secret Angel, I am almost certain that every Insta-famous fashionista of all walks of life wore a thong bikini this summer. Let’s have a closer look. We have a few reasons that give the cause of the... View Post