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Forplay Swimwear

Forplay™ was "Born in Hollywood" in 1986, originating as a retail store on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. & Wilcox, and catering to a wide cross section of local shoppers and tourists. Over the years, Forplay's flagship store became a favorite among young Hollywood celebrities and was frequented by local entertainment industry stylists looking for unique outfits for various television shows, motion pictures, and music videos. Now Forplay is available worldwide by SoHot Swimwear!!

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  • "I called Randy to ask about the possibility of a fast shipment of a gorgeous Mapale two-piece bathing suit in two days. He was very helpful, outlined all the options. And the suit came this morning as promised with many hours to spare for me to gift-wrap it and relax about it. Why stress when you can have really competent, really friendly people making good decisions and taking solid actions to make your life easier?"

    Jock D.